Bodies in Space Artist of the Month

My work is featured on BODIES IN SPACE – the go-to site for whole brain, whole body, whole-mind solutions to the 21st century call for problem-solving and innovation.  Bodies in Space is a project of the George Greenstein Institute headed by  internationally...

THE LOD MOSAIC: The Universe in a Floor

Ancient patterns at the foundation of the highest levels of science and technology By Kathryn Kukula UPDATE: The Lod Mosaic is touring internationally, with stops in NYC>San Francisco> Columbus OH>, Philadelphia PA>, Paris> Berlin> United Kingdom>...

The Tao of Wu

I didn’t know much about the Wu Tang Clan, but when I saw rapper, the RZA (aka Robert Diggs, aka The Abbott) interviewed on  Colbert Report last night, I was blown away. The RZA’s ability to put philosophical ideas into understandable terms is a true gift....


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