A brief video by David Erickson, from our Art in Architecture Tour with Docomomo-Wisconsin Chapter on June 17th 2023!

Edmund Lewandowski’s 1956 Allen Bradley Cafeteria Mural and Pillars, photo: David Erickson

The “Wall of Glass” by Edmund Lewandowski, mosaic fabricated by the Padoan Studio in Venice. 1956. Photo: Lillian Sizemore

The Wall of Glass shows Allen Bradley’s patented electronic devices depicted in the mural from 1893 to 1954

Detail from the electrical symbols used on the Pillars at Allen Bradley cafeteria, by Edmund Lewandowski, 1956 Photo: Lillian Sizemore

Did you know your Sewing Machine Treadle was invented by Allen Bradley In 1925?
This is depicted amongst the one hundred innovations featured in the amazing “Wall of Glass” mosaic commissioned by Allen Bradley in 1956. AB developed the first SEWING MACHINE Treadle control with Lynde Bradley’s carbon pile rheostat. It was used with sewing machine motors, for stepless control. It operated by applying force on the top of the foot pedal. This changed the resistance and varied the speed of the motor and your sewing stitch! Photo: lillian Sizemore



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