My passion is midcentury mosaic. My colleagues and clients refer to me as “Columbo” and “Miss Marble”—I’m a Mosaic Detective. I see what others don’t…I uncover specific evidence, knowledgeable facts, relevant history and connections that will illuminate appreciation for mosaic workI have a keen eye to uncover tell-tale clues that can assist identification and valuation, the small details that can be lost to those not specifically trained in mosaic.
As a researcher, maker and photographer I have carefully collected an inventory of thousands of images, both decorative and architectural. Over the past 20 years I’ve traveled the world building relationships to access rare archives and sites, and have worked with many mosaicists’ estates. This detective work takes a long-term commitment to the genre. 

Looking closely at midcentury works adds up to something significant within the history of art, as the mosaic field has been entirely left out of the art history books. I can provide the contextual evaluation to determine a cash value, but also provide a broader perspective of worth — the “mosaic DNA” as I call it — to expand the understanding of mosaic holdings for the collector, connoisseur, educator, historic preservationist, municipality, or art world professional. Preserving a legacy of the art and craft of mid-20th century mosaic, a predominant form of expression of the era, gives us a more grounded historic perspective on our recent cultural past as it spans from high-end architectural works to amateur hobby projects.


If you are curious about an item you have, I’m happy to discuss. You may send clear images and a brief description with inquiries to lillian @

making and investigating mosaics since 1993

Affiliations: SAMA, BAMM, ASPROM, AIMC

contributing writer to Mosaic Art NOW, Andamento, Raw Vision

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Madison, WI