31k4FNEJ6mL._SS500_I didn’t know much about the Wu Tang Clan, but when I saw rapper, the RZA (aka Robert Diggs, aka The Abbott) interviewed on  Colbert Report last night, I was blown away. The RZA’s ability to put philosophical ideas into understandable terms is a true gift.  He spoke of  m a t h e m a t i c s. The TAO means the Way, and he has explored the way through ancient Asian martial arts codes and various religious philosophies for many years. A globally successful artist, his new project, The Tao of Wu,  provides some creative fodder for seekers around the world.

In another interview with Gilbert Cruz of TIME he sets it down simply:

“Any way you can reach self-enlightenment or self-worth works. Many great men have left paths for us. In the end, we are all searching for the same thing. We’re just taking different routes to the same location.”

— the RZA

Starting next week, I will immerse myself into an intensive training program that explores a blend of Sacred Energy Arts. The program uses Chi Kung, Yoga, Pranayama, Tai Chi, sound healing, and anatomy as pillars of the sacred mind-body discipline.  I’m intensely curious to better understand my physical and energetic being.


We are witnessing an unprecedented merging of  Science, Spirituality, Art and Sustainability. So many people are feeling the call to take on deeper inquiry.  The RZA, who just turned 40, has followed his path from a housing project in New York through gang shootings, comics, chess, acting, rap music, film, and writing.

He frames his philosophy under seven “Pillars of Wisdom,” which represent seven “key turning points in his life” that he hopes to impart to his readers. The number 7 is symbolic in itself, representing consciousness in numerology, and considered a divine number in several faiths such as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam.

His creative path may be different than mine or yours, but when we take it down to the basics, it is the beautiful multi-layered pattern of geometry, mathematics and numerology that can provide a window into our mysterious, wonderful world.

The boddhisattva comes in all forms.

(And he loves the Bee Gees.)

LISTEN: INTERVIEW with Kai Ryssdall on Martketplace

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