A round up of UNIQUE CERAMIC TILE spotted over the past several months. Mostly London, one from Paris, enjoy.  

Radio Story on the Petroleum Club Mural

My investigation about a mystery mosaic found behind old paneling in a storage unit at the old Wilshire Grand Hotel, (published for Mosaic Art NOW) got picked up by a number of architectural and modernist LA-centric blogs. Kevin Ferguson, Producer of “Off...

Barcelona Does it Better

A huge new Apple store opened in Barcelona this summer, and they boxed up some sweet swag that is certain to appeal to mosaic fashionistas the world over. Barcelona is a design mecca, so even the box is worthy of a geometric high-five. [youtube...

Midcentury Mosaics Saved from the Wrecking Ball

I’m thrilled to link you to this well-researched and engaging reportage by Christina Geyer, managing editor for FD LUXE magazine. She tracks the restoration and rescue process of the 1950’s Mercantile Bank mosaics designed by Millard Sheets, bringing us...

Mosaic Mad Men

Mosaics were hitting a new stride in America by the mid-nineteen fifties. Many architectural firms were employing craftsmen and artisans to deliver large scale mosaic installations for their modernist buildings. In Los Angeles for example, Millard Sheets was covering...


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