Sometimes a girl just needs to clear her head  — and nothing refreshes like a good BROWSE around a vintage store…

Fresh little accent table

When in San Francisco’s Mission District, be sure to check out the new 17,000 square foot space called STUFF. Thanks to free parking, I took my sweet time and strolled through two floors of jam-packed booths, filled with antiques and ’50s – 60s modern mid-century treasures.  

My eye seeks all things MOSAIC, so here’s a sampling of some of the unusual finds I spotted.

Imprinted ceramic vase, to ‘look’ like mosaic. Nice andamento!

Detail of a hand-nipped tile coffee table top – looks like an aerial landscape

Busty Motherly Pearl

A Heartfelt platter, little Japanese tiles circa 1960’s

Somebody’s vintage DIY project in glorious summer colors

The MEMORIES flood in.  

When I was a little girl, my Dad took me and my brother and sister out to the town dump

to scavenge for tile.

(I learned my tile hunting skills early on…)

Lovely shape – mosaic-like ceramic lamp, with awesome “Avocado” fondue pot.

Dad found small white and orange tiles with a bumpy glaze, 

they were mounted on a fine mesh. And we even scored an old coffee table.

We loaded everything into the giant trunk of our Ford Galaxie 500.

We carried it all back to the Garage – America’s midcentury playroom – and as a family project,

we cleaned and sanded and stuck and grouted our way to a brand new tile coffee table

to go with our Danish modern furniture.

Home Sweet Home.

Reflective Glass, Tag read: “George Briard table: $185”

The Classic Ashtray. We’ve all made one of these. Complete with vintage nicotine stains!

Vintage Mexican Glass Coffee table, Detail of a sailing scene


More Japanese tile on a cute round table, set with fabulous ruby glassware.

Unique Lotus Leaf and hexagonal tiles bedeck another DIY coffee table

Kidney Shape, Biomorphic. Super 60’s. Funky handmade tag.


Will Lenker and James Spinello, owners

located at

150 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94103


open 7 days, 10-9



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