Just wrapped up another of my rockin’ Introduction to Roman Mosaics classes this weekend at IMA. The talented tessellari (those who make mosaics) riffed on ancient geometric patterns to create their own cosmic combinations.

Loni played with changing up the surface levels. We all agreed the pattern ended up looking a bit “Burberry”. What do you think?

Arielle, fresh from a visit to Ravenna, was inspired to experiment with the three-dimensional effects used in the Byzantine churches. She made her first mosaic only a month ago. Below is an example from the Masoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy.

While setting the marble tesserae with thin set, Karen and Pam had a good chance to use the rare and ancient Roman tool the: “OOGARIUS

Here is Karen’s piece just after applying the stone sealer.

Eric’s interest in mosaics was sparked by a trip to Italy 20 years ago, when he became obsessed with all things Roman.  He recently started working in mosaics, and this was his third class.  While his pattern looks deceivingly simple, he noted, “I was surprised by the complexity and need for planning and counting out of the design..I didn’t expect that!”

Here is Terese, all the way from Wyoming, with her study we thought referenced Navajo patterns, and maybe a wee bit  Space Invader?

Ah, the joy of pattern…found in all cultures, through all time.

We love to embellish our world.

Good work everybody!



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