Artists are the Mushrooms of Civil Society

Artists are the Mushrooms of Civil Society

I found this article I wrote back in 2009 on someone else’s blog and I thank Earthnight for re-posting it. It seems pertinent still, but today at the end of 2015, there’s the “HIPSTER” twist: the tech money, the entitledness of well-resourced...
Update: Cosmic Brotherhood Meet Up

Update: Cosmic Brotherhood Meet Up

UPDATE: We have exciting news to announce – the mural has been saved and is re-sited at Franklin Square Park – a Celebration and Dedication is planned for November 23, at 10 AM – location is 16th and Bryant Playground, San Francisco. Please attend if...

The World of Mosaic

Mosaic historian and artist, Lillian Sizemore, has spent years tracing the American mosaic movement to support preservation awareness, historic importance and cultural value of mosaic works world-wide. Through Ms. Sizemore’s research, she uncovered the film that had...

Midcentury Mosaics Saved from the Wrecking Ball

I’m thrilled to link you to this well-researched and engaging reportage by Christina Geyer, managing editor for FD LUXE magazine. She tracks the restoration and rescue process of the 1950’s Mercantile Bank mosaics designed by Millard Sheets, bringing us...


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