Modern Women: Trailblazers in Mosaic

Modern Women: Trailblazers in Mosaic

My presentation “Modern Women: Trailblazers in Mid-Twentieth Century Mosaic” for the British Association of Modern Mosaic (BAMM) is now on YouTube. At the Annual Forum 2017 held in October at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, I presented work from...

Mosaic Mad Men

Mosaics were hitting a new stride in America by the mid-nineteen fifties. Many architectural firms were employing craftsmen and artisans to deliver large scale mosaic installations for their modernist buildings. In Los Angeles for example, Millard Sheets was covering...

Modernist Mind’s Eye: Me and my Eichler

I live in a 1963 Eichler home designed by Claude Oakland. These modernist suburban residences are known for open floor plans featuring plenty of glass sliding doors and atriums, and the indoor-outdoor feel makes living with nature, well, natural. The home makes a...


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