Infinite Blossom of Geometry

Infinite Blossom of Geometry

Join me in Scotland this fall for this engaging workshop that will feature a visual feast of gorgeous images from around the world. I will introduce the concept of the underlying geometric patterns in nature which are also expressed in the arts, crafts and...

Spirograph Cartel

It was my first 24 hours in Istanbul. With a generous Turkish breakfast still warming my soul, I set out to find the ancient church x mosque = Hagia Sophia. My mind is racing with anticipation when my mental tires squeal to a HALT. Could it be? —A street-smart...

Really BIG Circles

Here’s an update  on Jim’s BIG impermanent Circles. Ice and Snow make for the latest palette, in this massive work supported by clothing retailer Anthropologie. A very short film of his work on the frozen Lake Baikal in SIberia. ORIGINAL POST: One of my...


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