You may remember my account of teaching at Piece by Piece in August. This mosaic training program offers a Visiting Instructor series to bring a variety of professional skills to it’s participants. Last month, I was invited back to present a workshop on Planning Your Mosaic Project to outline the steps in preparation for various types of mosaic making.

Above, the class takes place in a light-filled creative space at Art Share in downtown LA. I showed a variety of examples from mural projects, work by other mosaic artists, and traditional bozzetti, which are prepatory drawings or cartoons.

Participants worked with photos to simplify a design for mosaic setting. We discussed andamento (which is the flow and style of mosaic setting), scaling up and gridding a design, working in a free form way, preparing work to show clients, and planning for larger projects.

Here is Hugo’s work in progress, a mosaic preparation drawing of Mexican icon, Frida Kahlo.

Nothing gets ‘Lost in Translation’ with the talented artist Luz Mack -Durini as my Spanish interpreter. She ensures that the subtleties of the explanation are understood, which sometimes result in a good laugh!

I’m always impressed with the creative spirit and enthusiasm of the artists at Piece by Piece. Their talent is an inspiration to behold and I love being part of this gateway to new possibilities.

Like I always say: Art Saves Lives.

Some Feedback from Piece by Piece:

“Lillian, it was an awesome class! Eye were definitely opened and I could see new ideas already forming. You always come so well-prepared and are so articulate in explaining concepts…I think it makes everyone feel relaxed enough to ask questions and participate more. Thank you for a great, great workshop!!”  —Dawn Mendelson, Creative Director

“You could hear a pin drop in that workshop, today! When I walked in, everyone was so engaged and excited to learn all the wonderful techniques you were sharing. I’m already looking forward to your next visit to LA. I hope it’s soon. Thanks, so much Lillian!” —Sophie Alpert, Executive Director

“Your class was a great tool for our participants and they responded very well.  The workshop was helpful in their visualization and understanding of different options for ways to work and the involvement it takes if they want to become professional.”  —Luz Mack-Durini, Piece by Piece Staff Instructor

Thanks to everyone at Piece by Piece, and to Dawn and Sophie for inviting me back!  Thanks Dawn, Luz and Leigh Adams, Piece by Piece Glass instructor, for taking these wonderful photos! And Happy Birthday Leigh!

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