I posted two new videos “HAND MADE” and “MEANDER” on Vimeo.  Both relate to my work  with Piece by Piece Part 1 and Part 2 articles. I hope you enjoy and please leave your comments! They give a little behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the meander mural.

View at www.vimeo.com/musiva


I’m happy to report our Meandering mural was one of the first pieces sold at the fundraiser on June 4th. The event was a huge success. If you are in LA, I encourage you to attend the Gala next year—great people, food, music, and of course the ART. There is a huge variety of work to choose from and the quality and creativity is amazing. The majority percentage of  sale goes directly to the talented artists. You can purchase art  year-round via the Piece by Piece website.

Partygoers and Art buyers at Piece by Piece Gala on June 4th

New collectors with Piece by Piece glitterati in front of the completed mural

Learn more about Piece by Piece and view their Video “In a Nutshell”




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