My dogs were all curled up in this beautiful, cozy, Yin Yang way this morning.  Yin Yang is the essence of nature, where everything is in a perpetual state of change, moving from one extreme to the other to create equilibrium or universal balance. You see this concept in the symbol itself; our planet is always in half light, or half dark.

The infinite cycle of seasons pass and December Solstice is upon us. For us in the northern hemisphere, this brings the darkest days of winter. On December 21st, the longest night of the year, we will welcome both a full moon, and a total lunar eclipse. Just a little auspicious.

Remember to take time to R E S T,  P L A Y, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. To that end, I’m offering a special Solstice Mandala class this Saturday Dec. 18, at O’Hanlon, 3 to 5:30 pm.  Welcome the darkness with a drawing to honor and balance your center.

Here is a poignant and sweet video to remind us of what is truly important. We often get caught up in our heads (even monks!) and we forget to invite joy into our practice.  No one teaches us to take it light better than our pups.


Living in attunement with the workings of the world allows us to consciously interact with it. This season, open your heart to the sweetness of companionship and universal connection.


Best Buddies ~ CALI Rescued 1999, MARCEL Rescued 2005 ~

Rest in Peace Best Buddies

Cali~ AGE 15, August 15, 2013

Marcel~ AGE 8, December 25, 2013

thanks to Meri Mitsuyoshi for passing along the video. Here’s the backstory on the making of the video by Tom Long.


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