In Morocco, I was imbued with the vibrational quality of geometric pattern. Zellige (zillij) tile work is everywhere. The sense of radiating energy and communion you feel around this patterning is a portrayal of a divine abstraction that resonates in all of us.

Take into consideration that all this zellige tile is hand-made. Cut by Hand. By young men sitting on the floor, day in and day out. Their contemplative focus is the foundation of these complicated mathematical designs.

Living, working, and worshiping in environments that are specifically designed to resonate with the divine light, literally changes your molecules. It is at once exciting and centering. It is the flowing line we recognize as the intervals of everyday life—breathing, blinking, heartbeat…our intimate connection with the cosmic rhythms of wholeness.

One of the rooms in our rented apartment was filled with fabulous decorative embellishment. It was a perfect place to have tea, write in our journals and really feel like we were somewhere very exotic, indeed.

In my “Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye” mandala workshops, one of the techniques I use to open flowing creativity, is to circumambulate images culled from many eras, sources and cultures, showing this radiating, divine idea. This always helps confirm that this sensation is real and alive within — in the moment, and for eternity.

I’ll be offering this immersion workshop again in the winter 2011, please let me know if you’d like to participate.

I’ll also be writing more about my travels, Geometry and Islamic tile patterns in coming posts! Stay tuned!



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