Simon Beck’s Snow Art.

Downing massive cups of hot cocoa and stomping around for hours in frigid conditions?…

Tough job, and somebody’s gotta do it!

As with my previous post on Tony Orrico Human Spirograph, and Big Circle maker Jim Denevan,  and even the work of Andy Goldsworthy, here is SIMON BECK – who presents another example of endurance, art, and the human body as natural GPS system.  With a nod to the ‘crop circle’ phenom… he brings us an ephemeral art form in nature, about nature.

White on White. Sheer and utter beauty.

I made this 11-fold crop circle pattern in mosaic ! Have a look below.

Diamond Heart, 2004 by Lillian Sizemore

The fractal nature of triangles

A pattern favored by the Roman pavement builders!

In an interview from “Now That’s Nifty”  he says

“Typically a large design is the size of 3 soccer fields and takes 2 days. In this context a day means until I get too tired to continue, how long this takes is mainly a function of the snow condition and how tired I was before I started. Usually between 5 and 9 hours.”

The MAN~!!! N-Ice.

More of Mr Beck’s handiwork can be seen on his Facebook page at

MORE phenomonal photos form Daily Mail UK HERE



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