I’ll be sharing my studio practice and a behind the scenes look at how mosaics are made at the Legion of Honor this Saturday, April 23rd, in conjunction with the exhibition’s opening day: “Marvelous Menagerie: A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel”.

I’ll be doing a live Artist Demonstration from Noon to 2:00 in the beautiful Gallery 12, near the main entrance to the museum. This Gallery houses original Rodin bronzes and is sheathed in white marble and impressive glass skylight.

At 2:30 PM I’m presenting Exploring the Lod Mosaic: Past and Present” in the charming Florence Gould Theatre, downstairs. Admission is free with museum entrance. This lecture is scheduled one time only. I’ll be discussing  ancient techniques and decoding some of the beguiling geometrics displayed within the design of this astounding and massive piece of work at my illustrated lecture.

Last week I had a chance to see the Lod mosaic up close and personal, and meet the FAM Antiquities curators, and the head conservators for the Israel Antiquities Authority who were visiting San Francisco for the installation.  Here is an informative behind the scenes interview done by Lesley Bone, acting head objects conservator for Fine Art Museums, with both Jacques Negeur and Ghaleb Abu Diab, IAA conservators.

Mosaic Hunters Kate Kerrigan, Lillian Sizemore, Jacques Neguer, Nancie Mills Pipgras

Why should you see this mosaic?  

In the words of Jacques Neguer, who has seen thousands of mosaics in his career:

” This mosaic was like a textbook example. I had studied the materials and theory of mosaic floor construction and everything that is written about mosaics, about how to build mosaics in the classical way is here. They have followed every step, like guiding lines with a sharp instrument and red pigment under the whole composition, drawings with the sharp instrument, and sinopia under-painting under the fishes section. You have everything here. It is amazing.”

I  have three more demonstrations scheduled, including visitor  mosaic-making activities, informed by actual designs from the Lod itself!

Live Artist Demonstrations – Mosaics
MAY 14, JUNE 12, and JULY 9, 2011   from noon- 3:00 PM

I highly recommend  the OFFICIAL LOD MOSAIC WEBSITE, for accurate background on this extremely important excavation. lodmosaic.org

Many other events, lectures, and demosntrations are planned so be sure to check out the Museum’s website  or FACEBOOK page for up-to-date information.

Hope to see you at the museum this spring!!



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