Marvelous Menagerie:

A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel

Exhibition runs April 23 to July 24, 2011 at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

On April 23, opening day – artist and scholar Lillian Sizemore gives an artist demonstration in Gallery 12

from noon until 2 PM,

followed by a Lecture in the Florence Gould Theater at 2:30 pm.

Sizemore will demonstrate her mosaic process, including various techniques highlighting the ancient roots of mosaic making.

Sizemore’s lecture titled Exploring the Lod Mosaic: Past and Present reveals the methods and designs used to create the Lod mosaic.  She introduces the ancient methods used to transfer the underlying design and how the pavements were built.  Her research shows how ancient mosaics, including the Lod mosaic, reveal more than what meets the eye, and how ancient patterning still informs our thinking today.

Sizemore repeats her artist demonstrations from noon to 3:00 on

May 14, June 12 and July 9.

(There is no lecture on these dates.)

Learn more about related events and this magnificent mosaic.

More in APRIL

Sizemore is teaching INTRO TO ROMAN MOSAICS at Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, April 16-17. Register with IMA!

Also at IMA, Lillian was juror, with Michael Kruzich,  for the new exhibition

“PLAY OF LIGHT: Stone and Smalti Mosaics by Bay Area Artists”

April 14 – June 8.

there will be a Closing Reception for the Artists JUNE 4th, 4 to 6 PM.



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