Part Indiana Jones, Part Lod Mosaic, Part Hilarious….DIG this…

click link to watch this 0:15 second spot.


This TV ad was developed by Grey New York, the NFL’s agency of record since 2009. It taps into the recent global flurry of Roman mosaic discoveries and excavations and one discovery in particular.

The commercial uses the exotic animals of ancient mosaics to play on the Team Rivalry of Sunday Football.  Genius.  But this is more than a play on Indiana Jones…

The Lod Mosaic traveling exhibit debuted in New York last year and was seen by nearly 100,000 people during it’s run at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Apparently a creative director from Grey NY was among the crowd.

Where did the idea for this TV spot emerge from? Here’s a little background. In 1996 a road crew was working to widen a highway in Lod, Israel, and found a mosaic tiger’s tail peeking out of the dirt.

Grab a Tiger by the Tail - visit the Lod Mosaic in Chicago

The roadwork came to a halt as they called in the Israel Antiquities Authority to have a look. They immediately understood that this mosaic was something special and began to excavate to reveal a series of perfectly intact, exquisite Roman pavement filled with exotic animals, birds, fish and geometric patterns.

Aerial view of Lod excavation site

It’s 1700 years old and still fresh.  These ancient creatures come alive in this fantastic discovery.

Come see for yourself when the mosaic travels to the home of DA BEARS: CHICAGO!!

I’ll be offering a MOSAIC ARTIST DEMONSTRATION all day

at the FIELD MUSEUM,  1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605


11 AM – 3 PM

Free to the Museum Public

Come visit me!

Lillian is All About the Mosaics - Visit me at the FIeld Museum, on Dec. 10, 2011

Thanks to Doug Partridge and Lisa Bookstein for  making the connection between Sunday Football and the Lod Mosaic!

Chicago Bulls Represent in the Lod Mosaic



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