The traditional mosaic material made of hi-fire glass paste, known as ‘smalti’, is just plain fun to work with. It comes in thousands of colors, and it’s like running your hands through glistening jewels, hard candy, or little colorful cubes of joy.

I teach Introduction to Smalti at Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, using traditional hammer and hardie cutting techniques. It’s a wonderful way to dip into the history of this exquisite glass material that has been used since the Byzantine Era. We explore its uses in the mosaic world from ancient times to a contemporary survey of artists working in this medium today.

Here are some progress shots from the weekend workshop of January 15-16, 2011.

Next workshop is MAY 7-8 2011. Book your space early, the class is limited to 8 people, and the January class sold out weeks in advance. Register Here.

Mosaic Studio Supply is now stocked with a wide spectrum of Italian smalti and hammers and hardies, in the store located at the school.  Inquire about student discounts.

Katherine using the hammer and hardie

Sue explains her AHA! moment to the rest of the class

magic mountains

IMA uber student, Wenia Lee, always a bright presence

no place like home

Dana's piece is coming along swimmingly

Katherine's finished study

Intro to Smalti Class works in progress



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