I have two fine art mosaic mandalas featured in the exhibition Contemporary Mosaic Art: An Exquisite Collection.

A new work, titled VOX,  is made with pyrite clusters, vintage golds, marble, and 108 yr. old copper from the Murphy Windmill. Also featured is one of my favorites, “Diamond Heart” which employs 11-fold geometry with rose quartz, hematite and white gold. I’m honored to be included this in this short list of talented artists.

Contemporary Mosaic Art: An Exquisite Collection opens July 20 and runs through October 1, 2010

Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, at the Concourse Gallery, 555 California Street, San Francisco, CA.

Since the early nineties, my work has been informed by the ancient truths of geometry, mandalas and nature. I employ meditation and visualizations from my mind’s eye to guide creative decisions from inception to completion. The mandalas I create use specific geometric radiations, along with minerals, stones, and gold, to invoke vibrations that synchronize with our natural rhythms. These elemental ingredients create an alchemical experience of transformation and possibility. The works act as visual medicine that can inspire and heal, while powering up the space in which they hang. Art provides a profound gateway to an inner knowing. Through my mandala work, I seek equilibrium and a deeper understanding of myself. The circle is complete when a viewer resonates with the work and becomes part of something greater – the divine imagination.

Vitrines at 555 California

Lillian Sizemore, Julie Richey, Nancie Mills Pipgras, Kate Kerrigan, Sonia King

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The exhibit features the work of six renowned mosaic artists: Ellen BlakeleyKate KerriganSonia KingJulie RicheyLillian Sizemore and Laurel True. Curated by mosaic book author JoAnn Locktov and artist Kate Kerrigan in association with Casey & Associates. The exhibit includes 14 works of mixed media mosaic art in 2D and sculpture. For more information please contact Jan Casey at (415) 834-2394.



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