“A pixel is a pixel is a pixel…”

Mosaic art is based on working with individual tesserae, (think pixels) composed into a larger picture.  I track how this ancient application gets usurped, morphed and mashed-up into other contemporary media. One such appearance is Chain Link Fence Art. I was inspired to put the pieces together, when my cousin Linda sent me this photo from her recent trip to Paris: payin’ street respect to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Paris Duct Tape MJ, photo: Linda Chauncey

Another brilliant development is the use of pre-molded plastic ‘cups’ made especially for chain link substrates. Down with styrofoam. This is State-Of-The Art.

Marilyn meets Andy meets Chain Link, photo: Put In Cups

Yarn-Bombing is another global homage to the ‘Chain Link as Substrate’ phenomenon.  Right here in our own back yard, yarn-bombers “tagged” this fence in Oakland. I like the mandala-like formations.

Fence Art by Hye Jin Lee, photo: Michael Henninger/Post-Gazette

The Grid calls out for geometric pattern and design, and that my friends, is our binary privilege since time immemorial. Are you inspired? Learn to master the Grid in my Intro to Roman Mosaic class.

Rock Your Own Pattern in Lillian's Intro to Roman Mosaic

In the meantime, why let that ugly old fence ruin your view?  Here’s an article on How to Decorate a Chain Link Fence; Handy DIY Tips from the eHow Network.



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