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UPDATE: a time and place has been set for a FREE public presentation on

Mosaic Murals in San Francisco

and the Brotherhood of Man mosaic at Franklin Square

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6 to 7 pm

with a walk to the actual mural

Hosted by Friends of Franklin Square

at SGI-USA San Francisco Culture Center

Main Hall

2450 17th Street, San Francisco, CA

Brotherhood of Man As the Go-To-Lady for Public Mosaics, I  have been involved for several years with an effort to protect and restore a 1968 smalti mosaic mural, Brotherhood of Man by Anthony Stellon (1941-2005). The mural has a very captivating history, and with your help we may be able to see it restored to its former glory. [/ca … Read More

via Lillian Sizemore’s Mind’s Eye



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