Sweida, Syria – damaged Roman mosaic depicting bathing women, photo courtesy SANA

Looks like the famous mosaic “bikini girls” may have some competition!

A recent Syrian excavation depicts everyday Roman life, including a nude bathing scene. The Sweida discovery is being considered one of the most beautiful mosaics in the country. Hard to tell much from this photo, and I hope to find better pictures of the site.

The good news is the Syrian site is being protected and conserved with the assistance of ICCM, an international organization dedicated to the conservation of ancient mosaics.

full story here: A Roman Mosaic Painting in Sweida , One of the Most Beautiful and Unique Paintings in Syria  – SANA, Syria.

Notice the figures on the left of each mosaic. The leg positions are nearly identical,  above in Syria, and below in Sicily…

“Bikini Girls” Villa Casale, Piazza Armerina, Sicily –  photo by Lillian Sizemore


BELOW: Here’s a modern one-to-one scale reproduction by Marco deLuca of Ravenna, Italy, I photographed at his studio in October 2011…The muse lives on!!  Is that frame drum she’s playing? Or a discus throw?



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