Everyday I find new creative applications of three-dinemsional solids in the modern world.  There are three-dimensional printers,  miniature origami jewelry,  3-D folded money, and scientists using geometric patterns for stem cell research.  3-D movies are all the rage, and I’ve even found a fabulous pair of Christian Louboutin pumps in a 3-D leopard print!  I’m calling this the 3-D Geometry Meme. A Meme “acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another.”*

These crystallized forms couldn’t be better tools for this mind-to-mind activation —the whole of nature is permeated with these structures — here we find the principles of interconnectedness, inseparability and union.

These solids, known as polyhedra, are nothing new.  Have a look at my VIDEO showing some ancient connections to these beautiful forms, known as Platonic and Archimedian solids.


a beautiful dodecahedron lamp, made by the Scandinavian design group Nevvorks.  


dodecahedron is made up of 12 regular pentagonal faces, three meeting at each vertex, 20 vertices and 30 edges. It represents the symbolic notion of the Ethers, the Heavens, or World Spirit.  It’s known as the Fifth Element (after Air, Water, Earth, Fire).

BELOW: Here’s a dodecahedron figure made by hand. I drew out the geometric construction using a compass and ruler, painted it while flat, then folded it up. It seems right at home in this lovely still life.

*Meme definition courtesy of Wikipedia.  See more of my Geometry posts HERE… go ahead, meme out…they are several pages

Do you see Solids too?

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